Stéphane Fay

Strategic Advisor & GOin Founder

Serial entrepreneur, inventor of time-shared management, Stéphane held CEO & CFO positions in more than 50 tech companies and led numerous private and public equity financings for a cumulated amount of €0.5 bn.

Stéphane is CIF and brings his knowledge in managing and structuring high growth companies.

Vincent Gasné

Corporate Development Advisor & GOin Founder

Former investment banker specializing in tech companies, Vincent has advised and completed over 50 transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity financing, Initial Public Offering, etc. Currently, Vincent held CFO positions for different tech companies. He brings over 12 years of experience in corporate development and a strong knowledge of the technology space.

Hubert De Vauplanne

Legal Advisor

Hubert de Vauplane co-leads the Alternative Investment Management practice in the Paris office at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel. Hubert provides legal counsel on fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency assets, and financial regulatory issues relating to investment advice, asset management, payment services and banking. Hubert is expert at the French Financial Market Supervisory Authority (AMF), as well as European Commission and European Central Bank.

Naim Serbouh

Token Economics & Investor Relations

Consultant Legaltech | Fintech |ndex Payments at Bitcoin Inc. and ICO analyst, Naïm bring a strong experience in ICO project management. He provides investment strategies advice, in blockchain and crypto-asset market with his legal and fiscal expertise.

Yagub Rahimov

CEO and 7MARKETZ Co-Founder

As a leading global FinTech / Blockchain media holding, the group currently operates in 18 countries with some of the leading brands, such as, iCoinSummit, iCoinSentiment,, NewsOgram, and a number of other Fintech brands. Yagub is a Liberterian at heart with a strong vision in decentralized, AI powered economy. He has been in Bitcoin world since mid 2009. He has also been advising exchanges, trading platforms, regulators, compliance agencies and over 30 ICOs.

Kate Alippa

Marketing Director at 7MARKETZ

Kate is leading the Media and PR activities at 7MARKETZ Group with 10+ years of global marketing experience under her belt. She has helped 10+ ICOs to find their supporters via leading media channels, digital PR and influencers. She has her finger on the pulse across the crypto industry and leverages her networks while bringing exposure to the project she truly supports.

Maryna Burushkina

CMO and 7MARKET ZCo-Founder

Maryna is a digital marketing expert and a Co-Founder of 7MARKETZ Inc Group. Maryna has over 10 years of experience working with multinational tech companies and ICOs, focusing majorly on customer lifecycle management and conversion optimisation. Maryna is also the Founder Growth Channel, marketing app based on machine learning.

Mihai Milea

Chief Digital Officer at 7MARKETZ

Over 10 years of experience in global Financial Markets, holding various strategic positions in Technology and Digital Marketing. Directly involved in the delivery of innovative projects within the brokerage space and achieving a positive ROI. Expert in mining cryptocurrencies and an avid crypto investor. Msc in Cyber Security.

Peter Brzezinka

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Bringing an international culture and feel to the offering, Peter has been involved in the world of search and talent advisory services since 2011. Peter previously grew and developed an international headhunting team and brings a meticulous search process in order to find key players to elevate the project outside of France. He has been successful in recruitment missions globally, within the Fast Growth Tech space.