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GOin created the Fuseki Indices with the objective to outperform reference digital assets while addressing main market risks: volatility, liquidity and sustainability.

The FUSEKI Indices are based on smart beta strategies that consist in regularly adjusting index constituents and/or their weighting depending on market data. Index rules are detailed hereafter.

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Discover the Fuseki 10 strategy INDEX
YTD 267.93%

Fuseki 10 is the original investment strategy developped by GOin in order to select the most attractive constituents based on volatility and liquidity estimates.

Discover the Fuseki 10 Liquidity strategy INDEX
YTD 240.60%

Fuseki 10 Liquidity is a more conservative strategy where the most liquid constituents are over-weighted.

Discover the Fuseki 10 Performance strategy INDEX
YTD 298.49%

Fuseki 10 Performance is a more agressive strategy where the most performing constituents are over-weighted regardless of daily volumes.

Discover the Fuseki 5 Performance strategy INDEX
YTD 345.11%

Fuseki 5 Performance is the most aggressive strategy retaining only the 5 constituents with the strongest momentum.