Our crypto asset investments are a smart and secure way to invest in this new asset class. Underlying crypto assets are selected based on relevant market data and are diversified across different categories of digital assets, including stores of value, mediums of exchange, smart contract protocols and privacy assets. They offer a market coverage of .

Our note programs are structured to guarantee the performance of their reference Fuseki index on your investment.

Available strategies
Fuseki 10 notes
YTD 52.21%
Fuseki 10 Note tracks the Fuseki 10 Index, which is the original trading strategy developped by GOin, in order to select the most attractive crypto assets among the Top50 market caps based on volatility and liquidity estimates.
Fuseki 10 Liquidity notes
YTD 62.32%
Fuseki 10 Liquidity Note tracks the Fuseki 10 Liquidity Index, which is the most conservative strategy where the most traded constituents are over-weighted. It reinforces our ability to trade and optimize this strategy.
Fuseki 10 Performance notes
YTD 76.69%
Fuseki 10 Performance Note tracks the Fuseki 10 Performance Index, which is the most agressive strategy since the most performing constituents are over-weighted regardless of daily volumes.