Core team

Stéphane Fay Founder & Chairman

Serial entrepreneur, inventor of time-shared management, Stéphane held CEO & CFO positions in more than 50 tech companies and led numerous private and public equity financings for a cumulated amount of €0.5 bn. Stéphane brings his knowledge in managing and structuring high growth companies.

Tangi Le Calvez Founder & CEO

Former investment banker and trader of equity derivatives at BNP Paribas, Tangi successfully managed a derivatives portfolio worth €2bn in nominal value in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. Tangi brings his knowledge of financial markets, structured products and new technologies.

Emmanuel Levi-Valensi Founder & CTO

Former developer, CTO & CEO in several software and IT consulting companies, Emmanuel developed a strong understanding of banking IT infrastructure and platform developments. He also held CHRO positions in several tech companies and brings his HR management skills to the project.

Guillaume Evrat Blockchain Lead Developer

Former blockchain developer and architect in ENGIE and BNP PARIBAS, Guillaume spent the last four years working in the blockchain ecosystem. He started working around bitcoin technology before switching to Ethereum and Corda technologies. Guillaume has also a strong knowledge in financial engineering, he gained working in a hedge funds in the past.

Marion Kurzawa Compliance & Structuring

Marion worked as a financial analyst for various companies from publicly-traded to SMEs. She developed a strong understanding of traditional and non-traditional finance through her academic and professional experiences in Europe and in the US. Marion is a graduate from ESCP Europe with a specialization in Legal & Financial Engineering.

Vivien Lambert Developer

Former advisor in insurance and asset management, his passion for code and problem solving led him (bit by bit) to become a programmer. Mixing finance and new technologies was all he was waiting for. Always in communication with the other GOin members, he takes care to make reliable and user-friendly apps to fit their needs.

Frédéric Rensonnet Investor Relations

Former futures trader at Banque Indosuez, member of the market makers team on the MATIF Notionnal contract, founder of Cofam Energy in 2008 and former magistrate in the commercial court of Versailles, Frederic is also an early adopter of crypto assets. He also held executive positions in the field of custom transition management.

Aymeric Pintaud Investor Relations

Former Financial Analyst in investment banking, Aymeric advised and completed several transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, LBO or private equity financing. After being involved in cash management for a European insurance broker, he held CFO positions for tech companies ranging from artificial intelligence to industrial quantum cascade laser. He has 12 years of experience and has a strong knowledge in financial environment.

Paul Wallaert Communication & Community Management

Former head of customer success in a French leading Ed-tech company, Paul administered up to 500 B2B customers, in France and abroad. He deployed and followed the uses of SAS and software solutions in school and regional authorities. He also held marketing advisor positions in several companies, mostly in the e-business sector. Paul brings his customer-oriented vision and his knowledge in data mining and analysis.


Vincent Gasné Corporate Development Advisor & GOin Founder

Former investment banker specializing in tech companies, Vincent has advised and completed over 50 transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity financing, Initial Public Offering, etc. Currently, Vincent held CFO positions for different tech companies. He brings over 12 years of experience in corporate development and a strong knowledge of the technology space.

Luc Bocahut IT & Trading Advisor

Technologist, Hacker, Entrepreneur. Former head of trading and research at Tiverton Trading SAM. Luc holds CTO positions in several start-ups. He is a member of the awesome NFX Guild. Before that Luc obtained an MBA in entrepreneurship from EDHEC and has over a decade’s experience in the financial markets.